Yue Ming

Art/Graphic novel/Illustration/Animation

Now She based in Japan, Tokyo.




2022~ present LUCA School of Arts-Master Graphic Storytelling Campus Brussels / Sint-Lukas

2016-2018. Master(MFA) of Information Design Art and Media Course, Tama Art University,Tokyo,Japan.

2005-2009. Bachelor of Animation Art, Communication University of China, Beijing, China.

Working experience

2018~2022 Research Assistant, Tama Art University Information Design Art and Media course

2009~Present Freelancer Illustrator, Comic artist, Animator

Group exhibition

2021. PANACEA, Calm & Punk Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2020. TRIANGULAR RELATIONSHIPS, 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo,Japan

2020. Tama Art University Research Assistant ExhibitionーIntermixedー,FEI ART MUSEUM YOKOHAMA, Yokohama, Japan

2019. Tama Art University Research Assistant Exhibition2019, POLY,Tama Art University Hachioji Campus, Art-Theque, Hachioji, Japan

2018. Campus Genius Meeting’23, Miraikan, Tokyo, Japan.

2018. Tama Art University Graduate School Information Design Research Group Art Work Exhibition 2018, YOKOHAMA CREATIVECITY CENTER, Yokohama, Japan

2017.  Substantial Visions,Tama Art University Graduate School Information Design Course Artwork Exhibition,YOKOHAMA CREATIVECITY CENTER, Yokohama, Japan

2014. BYOB-Beijing

2014. ManChuge-Sino-German Independent Comics Exchange Exhibition,Shanghai Mass Art Center,ShangHai, China

2012. Spot Light, Bund18, ShangHai, China

2012. Eating snake, C5 ART Beijing, Beijing, China

2010. CIFVF 2nd Film festival, Chongqing, China

2010. Lvxiao, Tokyo Gallery+BTAP, Beijing, China

Solo exhibition

2012. Tomato And Egg Noodles,China Youthology, Beijing, China

Publishing and writing

2021. Character creation on various media with Japanese life-

        "Waiting" production, published by Tama Art University bulletin

2021. Comic Zine’You are what you eat’

2020. Comic Zine’One Trip’

2019. Illustration Zine’Waiting’

2015. Morgenstadt comic, published by MOGA MOBO + GOETHE INSTITUT

2013. People Who Are In Good Shape  Own Everything, published by CITIC Press Group, China

2012. We All Love Tobot, published by People's Literature Publishing House, China

2012. Comic Zine’Tomato And Egg Noodles’


2021. The 23rd “1_WALL” Graphics  Encouragement Award By Kazunari Hattori

2018. Animation installation “Stone & Moss”,
      Moving Images Finalists' Awards by ADAA Asia Digital Art Award Fukuoka.

2018. Animation installation “Stone & Moss”, Campus Genius Contest 23rd Bronze Award by HAGIWARA Shunya