People are waiting all the time in their daily life.

After I moved to Tokyo, I noticed that there are always people waiting for something , in every corner of the city.In front of a popular canteen, around the counter of a famous brand, inside of a train, or under the countless traffic signs —— usually with their cell phones —— there are people who are willing to wait for a good reason,and those who are kept waiting for something else.Living in Tokyo, sometimes cannot help but just waiting , like what everyone ’s doing.  I started sketching the posture of the waiting people while I am also being kept waiting.Their outfit, accessories, even the Ora, become inspirations to me. Sometimes they will become moving images in my imagination. At the same time, I put myself into my imaginary world by transforming myself into a cartoon balloon. When see from the reality, everyone in my drawings will be kept waiting forever including me. 在日常生活中,人们经常会等待。不知为何,在来到日本之后,总感到等待的人格外地多。在被媒体宣传过的餐厅前,在限定商品的柜台前永远有着自愿等待的安静的玩手机的人们;在电车里,在无数的被设置着红绿指示灯的狭窄街道口,人们也在被动地等待,去遵守秩序。生活在日本的我,也被迫地多了很多“必须等待”的时刻。利用这些时刻,我开始速写等待的人们。 从他们的着装颜色,配饰,人的气质等等细微末节上出发寻找灵感,发散自己的想象做成一个个会变化的gif动画角色。同时,我也将他们做成了等身大的人偶,搬到真实的世界中让他们等待。